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Setting up emerging professionals for licensing and success

On my wide and varied travels, there is a clear divide as to whether or not younger professionals, active in the built environment space, are getting the support they need within the professional firms that they to contribute to. For example, in the US, is getting a licence to practice architecture actually worth it? Are emerging professionals in the US even encouraged to pursue licensure? Chances are you’re going to get a very different opinion depending on whom you ask. According to AIA and NCARB’s 2017 joint survey, there are drastically different ways architectural associates and supervisors view their contributions to career advancement and licensure. For more of an insight into an incr

"...Use Diversity to Empower Yourself..."

During my most recent business trip to Atlanta, a couple of months ago, I was invited by Mr Von Nkosi of ILI / Liquid Studios, to connect with fellow entrepreneur, Mr Gareth J Young, both of whom are successful businessmen, spiritual leaders, fathers and authors. Gareth transformed his own life from a traditional corporate career and family life to an integrated life of independent business livelihood. He gained richer personal relationships, and deeper community involvement, all filled with a sense of meaning and purpose. It’s a journey informed by his own experiences and by those of his fellow travellers [myself included] to a way of being that will bring a new sense of fulfilment and happ

CREW | Atlanta; profiles DiverseCity Surveyors' link with RICS Americas

Working closely with Bruce Kellogg MAI, FRICS, Chair of the RICS SE Chapter, based in Atlanta along with the Chair of the Communications Committee at Commercial Real Estate for Women [C.R.E.W], Atlanta Chapter, has proved extremely useful and hugely beneficial. The over-arching theme of the recent alliance between DiverseCity Surveyos [DCS] and RICS Americas [South East]; has been uniquely established to demystify everything and talk about anything in relation to working across the built environment sector. The recent blog post, uploaded by the CREW Comms Team is reflective of the consistent message that emanates from a UK centric experience of many DCS members, for whom, the majority, are b

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