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DCS roundtable amidst #Windrush70 celebrations at 10 Downing Street

On the day of the #Windrush70 anniversary celebrations at 10 Downing Street, DiverseCity Surveyors' Board Members and other selected DCS guests, including the RICS, were invited to share their stories, concerns and ideas with the PM's office. The team set off from RICS HQ on Parliament Square, together with Barry Cullen, RICS Diversity & Inclusion Director, and a host of DCS members. An extended invitation was also made to Ms Priya Shah, founder of BAME in Property, a strategic partner in the field of 'change' with a common purpose / denominator, seeking greater ethnicity and senior level representation across the built environment professions in the UK. In an extremely relaxed setting affor

DCS Chair discusses ICMS and Supplier Diversity with the City of Atlanta

A recent visit to the City of Atlanta, Georgia, USA presented fruit not quite ripe for the picking, but the continued observation [over a well-documented period of 18yrs] amidst other peripheral conversations, has in fact yielded timely low hanging ‘fruitful’ opportunities. The decision to miss the RICS’ 150th Year Celebratory Dinner – following kind invitation from Sean Tompkins, Chief Executive, RICS – left me torn and somewhat indecisive but simply put, one had to be in Atlanta for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there was a firm commitment to the positive dialogue with the School of Building Construction at Georgia Tech concerning our new offer - Advanced Construction Cost Management with

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