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Obituary: Simon Paul Olimi-Kabuzi LLB MRICS MCIArb MAE – [1951 – 2019]

He may not have been the largest person in the world but his presence was larger than life itself. And to those closest to him, Simon Olimi-Kabuzi was in fact, the life and soul. He was a trend setter that broke barriers qualifying as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor in 1975, a time where the pursuit for equality in the workplace had barely begun. Yet his experience went on to span over 30 countries across the globe and among a multitude of achievements, he was also appointed as an expert witness several times in a variety of sectors. It is important to recognise those that helped to lay the path that we walk today and if there is a lesson to be learned, it is that nice guys do not finish last

Bigger emphasis on B2B for DCS Board & RICS LRB discuss FutureTalent

The first meeting of 2019 for the DCS Board, was convened during the afternoon, at the East London offices of ISG Plc. An extended invitation was made to Diane Dumashie of RICS Governing Council whose presence and positive impact was noted. In actual fact, the degree to which 'thought leadership' was effected, caused all manner of provocation for the DCS Board, which culminated into a general consensus to refine the DCS offer with a greater emphasis on the business-to-business potential for DCS members. Clearly, DiverseCity Surveyors should be more about 'peer-to-peer' learning, fee / income generation and developing better and more meaningful links with all sectors of the industry. To this

Texas A&M students visit RICS HQ in London – and leave, inspired….!!

Now in its fifth year of annual significance to RICS, a group of learned Construction Science under-graduates – all studying at Texas A&M University ‘TAMU’ – arrived safely in London from College Station, TX - under the stewardship of Mr Steve Rodgers, Faculty Director. Information is power and it is no secret that industry knowledge is a critical component of maintaining one’s competitive advantage. The success of the growing, global membership at RICS, is premised upon ‘industry’ data that is both rich in knowledge and relevant to the recipient. RICS is also acutely aware of the need for its members - at all levels - to be and remain [via stringent CPD criterion] - informed by way of ‘know

DCS form sector-leading partnership in 'BIM-Tech' with North London MCA

“In the midst of chaos, there is always opportunity to raise the bar and add value” – Abisogun OBE, (2019) The last 12months have not only been un-nerving for many in the sector, at both ends of the construction delivery process, but there is still – and always has been – an over-arching requirement to be the best in the market and deliver great projects through competitive advantage and innovation. In his manifesto, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan pledged to “establish a construction academy scheme with the housebuilding industry, to close the gap between our ambitious housing targets and the need for more skilled construction workers in London”. The Mayor of London, has also committed to e

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