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“Lack of opportunity, empowered me to build others”………says DCS Founder & Chair

Following a trip to Atlanta USA – shortly after the 1996 Olympic Games - he returned to the UK truly believing that he would never fulfil his true potential living in the UK; but 2018, has proved that above all, miracles really do happen. Never one to dwell unnecessarily or procrastinate, the reality of becoming ‘an Officer’ is slowly beginning to dawn on DCS Chair and Founder, Bola Abisogun OBE. It all began on 7th Feb 2019, circa 08:30am as he entered the family car and headed off for the day at Buckingham Palace. This was one occasion where nothing could afford to go wrong. He’d meticulously checked everything on the car [again!] and decided to drive to the Palace so that he relied upon n

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