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DCS achievements in recognition of Black History Month, 2018

It should be noted that October [in the UK] during the calendar year, has been recognised as a point of reflection for many in the black community, since 1987. Of late there has been a concerted effort by the RICS to identify with the myriad and not so well documented achievement of Black surveyors.

The RICS has made mention of Benjamin Banneker [here] noting his commendable achievements in Washington DC, which although rare and largely unknown, should be celebrated as the global surveying profession continues to grow.

Another up and coming surveyor who has achieved some publicity this month [here], is our very own DCS Board Member, Arnold Musisi who took time out of his increasingly busy schedule to share his journey into the profession amidst his future aspirations.

And as for the younger members of our profession, Kimberley Hepburn has been further recognised and now appointed to the RICS Matrics Board, to champion the Apprenticeship route as a viable career path; see here

Well done to both Arnold and Kim.

Being that it is Black History Month, we have duly observed another opportune moment for the Prime Minister's Office to promote another timely policy initiative, this time drilling down into the longstanding and historic ethnicity pay gap. The premise on ethnicity is not only welcomed by all those affected by it, but also seen as a positive step towards greater diversity and inclusion across the UK workforce. To observe the detail behind today's announcement please click here

Today [11.10.18] also marks the launch of the Government's and Business in The Community's new Race at Work Charter, which commits businesses to a set of principles and actions designed to drive a step-change in the recruitment and progression of ethnic minority employees.

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