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#ItsTime to say farewell to 2019 as we look forward to #2020...

So, it’s that time again, the last week during the last month of the year. How was it for you? Was it a year that could have been, a year that was or moving forward, a year that was simply lost. As we ponder the answer to that question, above all, we must give thanks for the opportunity and the experience – during 2019 – to tap into and truly realise our “individual potential”. But did you really dig deep to realise your own potential and more importantly, did it hurt - OR - did it not even cross your mind that you have to feel some pain...? On a personal level, 2019 has been a bitter-sweet experience with an infrequent sprinkling of success amidst the many ‘almost but not quite’ events, and

Let's Build attend DCN launch at London Build Expo 2019

The inaugural event of the Diversity in Construction Network took place on 28th November 2019, at Olympia in Central London, and was another step in the right direction, with clear industry support for ‘the conversation’ around difference, diversity and inclusion. Supported by Stuart Wilks and Annie Clift of Limeslade Consulting, Let’s Build was established earlier this year as an inclusive network of built environment professionals, seeking to further promote the presence and visibility of the BAME talent pool active within and across the sector, with a strategic focus on those within or in pursuit of careers in Architecture. The key objective is to ‘re-think’ the structure and composition

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