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RICS request DCS Chair to support Rules of Conduct [Consultation]

DCS Founder and Chairman, Bola Abisogun OBE, FRICS is approached by RICS to help with current challenge of shaping new Rules of Conduct for the ‘next chapter’ of growth for the global Surveying profession. So why are we here; well principally, the new document proposes combining the Global Ethical Principles and the Rules of Conduct, and provides indicative behaviours to help members, firms and clients to have clarity about what good professional conduct looks like [RICS spokesperson]. But before we embark upon why this critical piece of work is required to be undertaken, let us take a moment to remind ourselves as to why the Rules of Conduct ‘RoC’ are so fundamentally important; · What is t

DCS honours 'quiet' game-changers across the global Surveying profession

The presence of Black History Month ‘BHM’, in a post_George-Floyd environ has presented many challenges for the global population to contend with, not least of which includes some difficult conversations about the 'uncomfortable truths' that continue to co-exist. However, we want to park that soul-destroying conversation for now and pivot onto issues and individuals that actually make people smile and feel valued, through their work. Historically, and rightly so since its inception in the UK, BHM has focussed on the sterling / game-changing 'historic' achievements of individuals from black origin and the feats, successes and sacrifices that have often been achieved, often in the face of adve

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