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Double-Honorary Degree Award, for DCS Founder & Chair!!

"legacy building is about #ServantLeadership and

achieving something, that others say, is simply completely impossible"

- Dr Bola Abisogun OBE

Some [across my inner circle] are now saying it’s a world first - but in all honesty and with deep humility, I have no idea; can you help to clarify either way?

Here are the facts:

(1) Notice (via email) of my Honorary Degree from UCEM, was received on 05.07.23;

(2) Additionally, notice again via email, of my Honorary Doctorate from LSBU, was received some two weeks later, on 21.07.23;

(3) My graduation ceremony (as Honorary Doctor of the University, DUniv; “for distinction in the field of Surveying”) received from LSBU, took place on 01.11.23 at the Royal Festival Hall, South Bank Centre; see the link below

Doctor of the University Award: 01.11.23

(4) Additionally, I have just recently concluded my second graduation ceremony (Honorary MBA “for an exceptional contribution to the Built Environment”) received from UCEM, which took place at Reading Town Hall in 01.12.23

The rise of the Digital Cost Manager [#PQS2030 via #AIQS, an idea since 1994]: 07.11.23

So, apparently, and in BOTH cases, I am the first Black man from the Construction Industry / Real Estate sector in the UK [possibly the entire World] to receive these awards from two of the most prestigious academic, learning institutions in the UK, I refer to UCEM and LSBU respectively. And, having received two (2) Honorary Degrees, each within a circa. fortnight of each other and then celebrating [via Graduation Ceremony] BOTH of my conferred degrees, literally within thirty (30) days of each other – this is, apparently a world first and therefore a record for Black people (?); but I’m not so sure 🤔 – happy to be challenged / corrected, by anyone who reads this!

In any event - I am truly humbled, somewhat speechless and want to extend this #career milestone to my family and EVERY #Client / #YoungPerson that has allowed me to ‘positively disrupt’ their life and/or #businessmodel. And yes, as some have also shared, I have now officially ‘peaked’ at 52years young, so my indirect U.K. academic pursuits are well and truly over (for now!). CPD is actually 'life-long' learning .....!

However, as God intended, it’s now full throttle on my ‘new’ 12year young #SocialValue venture - the Digital Twin Skills Academy CIC [a DiverseCity Surveyors initiative] – complete with support from an amazing Strategic Advisory Board, the team at Ryder Architecture [via Dr Graham Kelly] and of course the Digital Twin Hub / Connected Places Catapult, chaired by the amazing, Dr Alison Vincent.

You can enjoy _ via the below _ the culmination of my thirty (30) year track record – in pictures / short video(s) – as lived during my last five (5) weeks.

God willing, onwards 🚀and upwards 🚀to you all 🚀🚀

Credit: Raj Gedhu Photography [Copyright]

Credit: Raj Gedhu Photography [Copyright]

Credit: Raj Gedhu Photography [Copyright]

#BlackExcellence in the #Surveying profession....!!!

Credit: Raj Gedhu Photography [Copyright]

Credit: Raj Gedhu Photography [Copyright]

Credit: Raj Gedhu Photography [Copyright

Credit: Raj Gedhu Photography [Copyright]

Credit: Raj Gedhu Photography [Copyright]

Credit: Raj Gedhu Photography [Copyright]

Credit: Raj Gedhu Photography [Copyright]

Credit: Dr Bola Abisogun OBE [Copyright]

Credit: Official UCEM Photography [Copyright]

Credit: UCEM via X

And, after such an amazing day, what better way to celebrate than with colleagues over at RICS, who has invited me to their table as they were Gold Sponsors of the increasingly successful #BPICAwards 2023 .....

A truly inspiration evening with some amazing highlights:

And, thanks to my main ally Sybil Taunton, I really enjoyed the company of my professional colleagues and looking forward to 'rebuilding' my working relationship with the Senior Leadership Team led by Justin Young, our new CEO

A yet another win for "Young Mikey Mushota", absolutely #RisingStar!!

And, the amazing Carole Massay, as BPIC Honorary Recipient for Mentorship and contribution to the BPIC journey - huge congratulations!

However, when all is said and done, it may be my name on all of the accolade(s), certificate(s), social media, article(s), podcast(s) etc- but it is MY MOTHER; Alhaja Sidikatu A E Abisogun that brought me into this world, after carrying me for nine (9) months. So it is only just, right and appropriate that 'Mummy' gets all the glory AND the opportunity to witness, in her own lifetime - the cumulative results of her own blood, sweat and tears; well done darling!

Credit: Raj Gedhu Photography [Copyright]

And to God be the glory, always.

Credit: Raj Gedhu Photography [Copyright]


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