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EG launch new D&I Content Advisory Panel to expand thought leadership

In the beginning there was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The truth is, all men [and women] are born equal, right? If that is correct, then why is there such a monumental and growing debate about the structural [and in many ways, systemic] inequalities that have been around since the oldest amongst us can muster within the vast expanse of their own memory banks? Why is it simply not good enough to assert and project one’s own belief(s) upon someone else, without taking into consideration the beliefs and/or opinions of the other person(s)? Worse still, what if the opinions and inherent life chances of ‘the other(s)’ are literally discounted – and dispensed with / denied

Homes England invite DCS Chair to engage on 2020/24 strategy

The public sector continues to be a critical client with emerging needs, that often require a diverse set of solutions. At the core of all public sector ‘buying power’ remains an over-arching moral duty to deliver the MEAT [i.e. most economically advantageous tender]. For many, this has generally concluded with an explicit review of price alone [or cost of project] being the biggest driver, often at the expense of everyother possible project determinant, including other qualitative aspects. In 2020, and specifically in a post COVID world, price is simply no longer the best judge of value and/or returns on capital employed 'ROCE'. In fact, the emergence of other ethical investment opportunit

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