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Surveyorhood and DCS form strategic partnership!

Many in the Surveying profession will no doubt have been personally acquainted with or indirectly advised of three outstanding individuals who, a number of years ago, decided to embark upon a unique 'female-friendly' platform called Surveying Sisterhood. It wasn’t too long after their hugely successful launch that they collectively decided to re-brand and open their amazing platform to a wider ‘more inclusive and representative’ audience who were desirous of the same empathetic ‘virtual’ environment that they had successfully curated. DCS Founder & Executive Director, Bola Abisogun OBE, had been following their progress with much intrigue and was approached by them following the award of his

DCS Member, Colin Uche Obi FRICS elected to serve on RICS Governing Council..!!

Earlier this year [see here] RICS Governing Council ‘GC’ member Diane Dumashie FRICS met with fellow Fellow’s, Uche Obi who had flown in from the Cayman Islands and DCS Founder & Chair Bola Abisogun OBE. The meeting took place at RICS HQ, London in the members room and sought to address a number of strategic issues in consideration of where the profession was heading amidst the many, current ‘global’ challenges. At the beginning of 2019, unbeknown to many, Bola – who currently sits on the RICS London Regional Board – threw his hat into the ring at the prospect of becoming Senior VP of RICS. An absolutely excellent line-up of candidates, ensured that Bola competed at the highest level, until

DCS_AGM 2019 – heralded a phenomenal success…!!

With a clear objective to galvanise those operating within the surveying profession (and others from across the built environment) typically, from a non-traditional - or BAME - background, the DCS_AGM held on 21/11/19 at RICS HQ, in Parliament Square was a resounding success. The collective effort of all DCS Board & Committee members [listed below], translated into a game-changing event that went some way to demonstrate the extent to which the current and emerging talent pool, seamlessly cuts across an array of protected characteristics, including but not restricted to, age, (dis)ability, gender, race and religion; all premised upon their technical competence – thus demonstrating that the su

DCS Chair _ goes back [37 years] to school, to launch RICS Inspire Programme

Following an invitation to attend an 'ice-breaker' on 9 August 2019, a follow up meeting on 23 September 2019 and a subsequent meeting of minds between Mr Gregory Logan, Head of School and DCS Founder and Chair, Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS; a firm decision to attend Daubeney Primary School, later on in the year, to present to a cohort of Year 6 students, was finally agreed. Daubeney School, located adjacent to the Kingsmead Estate in the North of the London Borough of Hackney was opened in 1886 as Daubeney Rd and renamed in 1949, as Daubeney Primary School, catering for over 1000 pupils. Since then, the school has evolved into a ‘centre of excellence’ and remains part of a commendable legacy ach

DCS forges strategic links with LB Haringey and Industry Partners to explore Section 106; #PQS2030

Launched on the 24th July 2019, the Haringey Construction Partnership ‘HCP’ is an innovative partnership between the Developers active within and across the borough, the Council and local College, CoNEL, the latter of which is also a recipient of the prestigious, Mayors Construction Academy status ‘MCA’. Back in January 2019, DCS Founder & Chair, Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS was invited by Steve Carr, then Interim Assistant Director of Economic Development & Growth, (who in turn introduced him to Daniel Osei, Senior Section 106 Employment & Skills Officer) to attend a HCP programme discussion, with an opportunity to present to the Officers of the Council, members of the group and other third-sect

Industry disruptors secure RICS support with the launch of #PQS2030

There is no doubt that business models have to change, particularly when technology does not recognise [or care for] emotional attachment. It is time for the industry and the allied professions to see the sector specific #mashup for what it is and seek to position, or reposition itself, for the foreseeable future. Much has been written about the need for the construction industry [and allied professions] to change, for such change to be industry led and for all industry leaders to recognise that they all have a collective duty [not only to their individual firms and bottom-line] but more importantly, to and for the sustainability of the sector. The prima facie document in this space, #Modern

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