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DCS invited to support 'call to action', by Young Surveyors in Africa.....!!

Always expect the unexpected _ Unknown As with everything else associated with the need to address systemic and/or cultural change, particularly in a post-COVID world, it would be prudent to maintain an open mind, and, in the expectation of nothing being impossible, you should always expect the unexpected. Little did we know that our recent achievements with RICS on race / ethnicity in the UK, had been quietly observed by so many Surveyors, in many locations across the world, none moreso than on the African continent. Inspired by a single common denominator of cultural heritage, DCS Founder and Chair, Bola Abisogun OBE was approached earlier this year by the Young Quantity Surveyors Forum 'Y

DiverseCity Surveyors align itself to ‘impact strategy’ with global commitments from RICS

During December 2016, a frank but honest conversation took place between Lucile Kamar, a key and active member of the RICS ED&I Team and DCS Founder and Chair Bola Abisogun OBE. The uncomfortable truths that emerged following that initial conversation between Matthew Howell and Lucile Kamar, culminated in the internal RICS research (issued back in March 2016) amidst a further commitment to work with DCS Founder and Chair Bola Abisogun OBE. The success of the published research and the hard data captured at that time, precipitated the ‘official’ launch of Diversity Surveyors, led by Mark Walley, during Black History Month in 2017; the keynote was delivered by Egbert LJ Perry who flew in from

Youngest DCS Ambassador shortlised for BAME Apprentice Award

In his own words......... by Joshua Jackson. My passion for Real Estate and Construction started from a young age. Growing up in London admiring the transformation of the city’s skyline and regeneration of local communities. Growing up I never found careers in Real Estate and Construction Industry to be well publicised when compared to the usual Law, Education, Finance or Medical Industries. When I was given the opportunity in the first year of sixth form for two weeks work experience. I actively searched for roles within the Construction Industry to fulfil my passion. I knew that I wanted to be part of a Construction team but was unsure in what capacity. I came across Quantity Surveying and

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