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British Nigeria Law Forum - Infrastructure Seminar, 21/09

In seeking to expand the communication and outreach of the DiverseCity Surveyors [DCS] Network, I received and immediately accepted a kind invitation from Ms Seye Aina, Chair of the British Nigeria Law Forum [BNLF].

As the first female Chair of the BNLF, I was extremely humbled to have been invited to share such a milestone given the commendable work of the BNLF over the years. Since their inception back in 2001, the BNLF have sought to forge greater business ties for their members [mostly lawyers] based in both the UK and Nigeria. Notable successes have afforded many lawyers across the diaspora to participate and contribute towards the development of the legal profession in Nigeria and in doing so, inspire the next generation of talent. To this end, it is hoped that a working relationship, with reciprocal benefits, can be further developed with the BNLF to offer continued access to seminars and other events with a focus on property matters of significance / particular relevance to DCS members.

Hosted by Mr. Kash Balogun, Head of Africa Team at Bircham Dyson Bell LLP, the topic of the event was 'Bridging the Infrastructure Gap: opportunities for investing in Nigeria'. With an impressive line up of speakers, including Mr. George Etomi, Mr. Daniel Magowski and Ms. Yetunde Odedokun, the evening closed with sentimental but noteworthy remarks from Mr. Babs Akinyanju, Treasurer of BNLF. Followed by canapes and drinks, I am looking forward to the next BNLF event...!

For more information on the BNLF; click here

Seye Aina, Chair of BNLF and Bola Abisogun FRICS

2nd from left, Kash Balogun with Seye Aina

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