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DCS support RICS at #WBEF 2018 at O2, London

RICS #WBEF Official Banner

The global industry is experiencing a multi-faceted shift, influenced predominantly, by technological advancement. It is hugely challenging for any seasoned built environment professional [BEP] to attempt to stay abreast of such profound change(s), let alone 'keep a handle' on their individual top priority, which will no doubt prove different for each every BEP. Staying organised in a constantly 'disorganised' environment is critical to serving our clients myriad requests and recent attendance at the RICS World Built Environment Forum [#WBEF] is a credible way of putting 'some skin in the game' in an attempt to stay relevant and aware. Click here for a link to the programme which included a Power Lunch on Day 1 with an informed and thought provoking discussion over Infrastructural Growth and the challenge(s) for the emerging 'mega-city' and wider developing world.

The 'Power Lunch'................

Take a virtual look at the #WBEF Summit by clicking here. The event was an electrifying ensemble of over 1,000 innovators, global influencers, seasoned RICS [BEP] professionals and newly emerging post-graduate talent, from over 40 different countries, converged in one place - at the O2 in London - to determine the future direction of the built environment, and it was a truly life changing experience.......

Left, Ramsay Head of Fosun Property [Latin America]

Note: Left, Ramsey Tadros, RICS World Governing Council and MD of Fosun Property [Latin America], centre Neil Shah, MD of RICS Americas and right, Bola Abisogun FRICS, RICS London Regional Board

With a genuine focus on the emerging talent pool, DiverseCity Surveyor [DCS] Founder, Bola Abisogun FRICS, who was kindly invited by Dr Sean Tompkins, RICS Chief Executive, also met with some of the surveying professions 'Rising Stars'.........................

Bola Abisogun with RICS International 'Rising Star' - Zain Ghaffur

Note: Bola Abisogun FRICS with RICS International 'Rising Star' - Zain Ghaffur

Bola Abisogun with RICS UK 'Rising Star' - Baljit Singh

Note: Bola Abisogun FRICS with RICS UK 'Rising Star' - Baljit Singh

Clearly, the word 'disruption' often conjures up an array of emotions and depending on how well 'aware' you are/were, as a built environment professional, your interpretation - of disruption - will in fact prove to be a reflection of your preparedness and understanding. What became clear over the two day conference, was in fact, 'the need to act' with confidence and in a timely manner is clearly upon us. With a global feel amidst an international gathering of BEP's, the opening 'key note' by JB Straubel, [Co-Founder and CTO of Tesla Inc] concluded with many wise words, in particular, that "talent is and will remain our scarcest resource". Across the globe, this includes every BEP, both male and female, and who is available to remain 'gifted & talented' and fully exploit their individual potential!

Sean, was overheard on more than one occasion offering advice to the next generation of BEP talent, he said "be more intellectually curious, be agile and embrace change, see education as life long and be willing to take more risks". This was and remains, profoundly great advice from a man at the helm of our professional body, currently celebrating their 150th year of existence during 2018. And a huge well done to both Mark Walley and Matthew Howell along with the rest of the Senior Management Team at RICS HQ in London!

Panoramic view of attendees at WBEF 2018

So after an inspirational Day 2 click here, roll on 2019 and be sure to attend the next #WBEF event in New York, if you possibly can. You've got to be in it to win it and from hereon in, the simple existence of your career, could be hugely dependent upon this space.

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