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Speed Networking - World Day for Cultural Diversity

According to many of those that attended to celebrate with us on 21st May 2018 our first, official 'post-launch' event was way overdue, and for that, I sincerely apologise on behalf of the Board of DiverseCity Surveyors [DCS]!

It would also appear that Alexander Smith MRICS; Head of Comms & Events, pulled it out of the bag - yet again, so well done Alex! The venue was perfect [walking distance from his office............hhmm] and the ambience well suited to our fairly nervous group of 'first-timers' who by the end of the evening were singing our praises and crying out for more. Suffice to say, the next event is currently being considered by the DCS Board. At DiverseCity Surveyors there is no "I", its all about the "we" and what we do at DCS is pursue 'par excellence', even when we have fun and network.

DCS Members - getting to know each other....

The need to realise the identity and whereabouts of like minded individuals, has never been greater and we truly want to showcase diverse, BAME talent to the wider construction and real estate sectors. At DCS we cater for all 'surveying' specialisations and the eclectic mix of skills, experience and charisma was clear for all to see on the day. It was truly humbling to observe the dynamics between our new members and the wider DCS 'establishment'.

In actual fact, the wide variety of 'professional skills and experience' present on the day, was succinctly captured in one, very special individual. Mr Phillip Aderinola [see photo below], made contact with the DCS Board having come across our website, we think, by accident. Mr Aderinola is determined to make a 'professional comeback' into the surveying profession having left through dissolusionment over 30yrs ago. His firm intention is to merge 'mature skills with new tech' and positively assist with the looming, UK skills crisis. Indeed, at DCS, we are proactively preparing to approach the sector and demonstrating a clear capability to cater for any resultant 'resource' requirement, post-Brexit.

Mr Aderinola and Bola Abisogun, Chair of DCS

In fact many of our first time attendees, expressed an overwhelmingly positive experience by just being 'in the room'. A noteable source of inspiration was affirmed by many at having been introduced to other like minded professionals within the surveying profession - that they simply didn't know existed. This is our 'secret sauce' and the over-arching message at DCS is very simple, join us and realise your "individual potential".

So please tell a friend, a colleague or even your client to join the DCS network and explore the conversation amidst their individual need / professional aspiration. We promise not to disappoint given our conscious desire to see a more diverse industry being catered for by a truly representative talent pool.

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