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Obituary: Simon Paul Olimi-Kabuzi LLB MRICS MCIArb MAE – [1951 – 2019]

Simon Paul Olimi-Kabuzi LLB MRICS MCIArb MAE

He may not have been the largest person in the world but his presence was larger than life itself. And to those closest to him, Simon Olimi-Kabuzi was in fact, the life and soul. He was a trend setter that broke barriers qualifying as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor in 1975, a time where the pursuit for equality in the workplace had barely begun. Yet his experience went on to span over 30 countries across the globe and among a multitude of achievements, he was also appointed as an expert witness several times in a variety of sectors.

It is important to recognise those that helped to lay the path that we walk today and if there is a lesson to be learned, it is that nice guys do not finish last and that hard work and perseverance are pre-requisites to finishing first. Simon will be remembered for many things, the least of which will be a loving husband, a devoted father, a caring son and a wonderful friend.

Following a brief statement by his Employer, his role as a successful Executive Director at Driver Trett Consulting, based in their London Office, can be observed here. It was during his time at Trett Consulting when he was over in Charterhouse Street, adjacent to the Smithfield Market area, that DCS Founder and Chair, Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS, connected with Simon in the early 2000’s in pursuit of greater insight into the dispute resolution specialism. He met with Simon on several occasions, who expressed a keen interest in Bola's academic pursuits, in particular the production of a thesis in "Computer Aided Construction Claims Management" [which led to the award of a 1st Class Honours, in 1994]. Despite this innovative work, Bola decided not to pursue a career as a ‘Forensic Analyst’ specialising in construction claims - " was far too office-based for anyone with a 'free spirit'……………!" However, as is often the case with great advice, the knowledge gleaned from Simon, has proved invaluable throughout Bola's surveying career.

Personal Statement from DCS Board Member Arnold Musisi:

“………..I’m his nephew. But my motivation [to gain recognition for his passing] is not personal.

I remember I had a professor pass away two or three years back, George Herd FRICS and the RICS posted a note on him on their website, in their magazine etc… - see here

When I think about Simon, I wonder who else contributed so much to the industry that has gone totally unnoticed? But I can’t do anything about those that I don’t know, I can only highlight those that I do.

Imagine being a black chartered surveyor in 1975…..[indeed!]”

Simon Paul Olimi-Kabuzi, will be laid to rest later today [23.02.19]. Gone but never forgotten; may your spirit remain in eternal peace Sir.

The thoughts of all of us at DiverseCity Surveyors are with his family and, in particular, our Board Member, Arnold Musisi [soon to be MRICS], at this delicate time.

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