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DCS forges strategic links with LB Haringey and Industry Partners to explore Section 106; #PQS2030

Launched on the 24th July 2019, the Haringey Construction Partnership ‘HCP’ is an innovative partnership between the Developers active within and across the borough, the Council and local College, CoNEL, the latter of which is also a recipient of the prestigious, Mayors Construction Academy status ‘MCA’.

Back in January 2019, DCS Founder & Chair, Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS was invited by Steve Carr, then Interim Assistant Director of Economic Development & Growth, (who in turn introduced him to Daniel Osei, Senior Section 106 Employment & Skills Officer) to attend a HCP programme discussion, with an opportunity to present to the Officers of the Council, members of the group and other third-sector attendees, including the Tottenham Hotspurs Foundation. The initial conversation with LB Haringey revolved around the wider work of Bola’s portfolio including his role as Chairman of the Moving On Up project, a pan-London, multi-million initiative co-funded by City Bridge Trust and Trust for London, with the added support of the Mayor of London via his WIN initiative; seen here.

The HCP meeting held on 17/01/19 followed an earlier meeting between DCS and Kurt Hintz [Principal, CoNEL] and Glen Lambert [Head of Construction, CoNEL] both of whom had been approached to discuss their limited Surveying offer amidst their wider attraction of BIM within the overall delivery to local people. In support of their proposed offer and MCA specialisation in Building Services [i.e. MEP Design] the College of North East London ‘CoNEL’ deliver a Basic Introduction to BIM predicated on the introductory levels of Revit Architecture.

Taught by experienced, industry experts, the courses are a ‘blended attempt’ to equip designers and architects with the essentials of 3D building models and create 2D drawings with schedules, estimates and facility planning reports from the construction designs. Local people [with a focus on Haringey residents] will learn to easily share model data with the design team for a collaborative design process that can help deliver projects with collaboration being a core principle. Attendees are able to learn how to develop high quality and more precise architectural designs using information-rich models for more well-versed design decisions to support sustainable design, clash detection, construction planning, and fabrication. Throughout the BIM process, ‘traditional and fluid’ design management [including change(s) made] are auto-updated throughout the project, keeping the design and documentation synchronised and consistent. The CoNEL Revit courses begin with the basics of 3D building designing and will include training of Building Information Modelling, viewing the building model, loading additional building components, using dimensions and constraints, design modelling, detailing and drafting, construction documentation, using walk through technique, sun and shadow techniques, creating legends and keynotes, and rendering the projects.

In addition to a high priority around #DiversityAndInclusion, LB Haringey is also considering the use of Modern Methods of Construction #MMC. In particular, Haringey’s housing and major capital projects teams are considering off-site, modular and pre-fabricated building solutions. Such supply would require a standardisation in the design and build solutions applied under the programme of direct delivery of Council housing. As of January 2019, the Mayor’s Economic Development Strategy sought an expansion of offsite construction (in the order of 12% of the sector, valued at £1.5bn). The recent Government appointment, of Mark Farmer, CEO of Cast Consultancy simply affirms that the direction of LB Haringey is enroute to sustainable success.

Both LB Haringey and CoNEL maintain an admirable desire, to engross across their local demography, tangible BAME targets both as a London borough [and Contracting Authority / Client] and also an MCA hub; both of which accord with the raison-detre of DiverseCity Surveyors. In view of this forward thinking, disruptive approach, Bola has decided to go one step further by advising LB Haringey on the need to ‘sweat’ their s106 process, seeking a greater focus on professional careers and a specific focus on Quantity Surveying [#PQS2030] within the borough wide offer to local people.

By working with the Mayor of London / GLA, LB Haringey, CoNEL and BPIC Network, Bola is confident that the long-term capability (and appetite) of DiverseCity Surveyors to establish professional roles [including via the Apprenticeship route], in areas that remain in huge demand across the sector, we will collectively grow a pan-London future talent pool with industry ready #FutureSkills. This initiative is totally distinct from the current s106 model and will also yield greater #SocialValue and improved #SocialMobility for local residents, underpinned by a holistic approach, that when embraced by all [Client(s) / Contractor(s) / Supply Chain(s)] is genuinely sustainable and representative of local / industry needs.

Watch this space………. #PQS2030

BAME Construction Network Meeting; held 06/11/19

  • Daniel Osei; LB Haringey

  • Amos Simbo; BPIC Network

  • Rommell Wallace; Mayor’s Office, GLA / WIN, SAY_Construkt

  • Virgil Officer; CoNEL, MCA Hub Co-Ordinator

  • Bola Abisogun OBE; Chairman, DiverseCity Surveyors

Host: LB Haringey / HCP

Corporate Support: RICS / CIOB

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