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DCS_AGM 2019 – heralded a phenomenal success…!!

With a clear objective to galvanise those operating within the surveying profession (and others from across the built environment) typically, from a non-traditional - or BAME - background, the DCS_AGM held on 21/11/19 at RICS HQ, in Parliament Square was a resounding success.

The collective effort of all DCS Board & Committee members [listed below], translated into a game-changing event that went some way to demonstrate the extent to which the current and emerging talent pool, seamlessly cuts across an array of protected characteristics, including but not restricted to, age, (dis)ability, gender, race and religion; all premised upon their technical competence – thus demonstrating that the surveying profession is indeed a diverse, cultural melting pot of many origins and capabilities.

DCS Board Members:

  • Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS; Founder / Chair

  • Justin Carty MRICS; Vice-Chair

  • Karen Ching MRICS; Head of Personal Development

  • Samuel May MRICS; Head of UK & Global Strategy

  • Faith Locken MRICS; Head of Strategic Planning & Growth

  • Alexander Smith MRICS; Head of Corporate Hospitality

  • Arnold Musisi MRICS; Head of Member Engagement - Training

  • Audrey Vanderpuye MRICS; Head of Member Engagement - Events

Committee Members:

  • Sunny Obasuyi; External Engagement Manager

  • Nana Gdadyu; Internal Engagement Manager

  • Luke Halls; Internal / External Strategy Manager

  • So Sum Lee; Internal Engagement / External Strategy Manager

  • Georgina Walker; Data and Social Media Manager /

  • Joel Ampah, External Engagement Manager

Mission Statement:

Our raison d’etre – is to promote visibility of the BAME talent pool [in Surveying] for consideration and economic participation in the investment, planning, development, management, decommissioning and recycling of built assets, across the globe.

We are also confident that DCS is not only a welcome component to the historic challenge of ‘Supplier Diversity’ in the UK, providing access to a network of independent consultants and businesses, but will also be referred to as ‘a credible constituent’ when Clients and project owners – across the globe – are looking to assemble their teams of professional advisors, who are all trained and qualified RICS professionals.

Following the initial networking session, there was a short introduction by Alexander Smith [Events Manager], DCS Founder and Chair, Bola Abisogun OBE delivered a personal, but rousing introduction, designed to introduce the context of the panel discussion, hosted by Faith Locken.

Faith pitched a short ‘problem statement’ to the audience which was followed by the introduction and invitation of each of the panel members, listed below..