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DCS Member, Colin Uche Obi FRICS elected to serve on RICS Governing Council..!!

Earlier this year [see here] RICS Governing Council ‘GC’ member Diane Dumashie FRICS met with fellow Fellow’s, Uche Obi who had flown in from the Cayman Islands and DCS Founder & Chair Bola Abisogun OBE. The meeting took place at RICS HQ, London in the members room and sought to address a number of strategic issues in consideration of where the profession was heading amidst the many, current ‘global’ challenges.

At the beginning of 2019, unbeknown to many, Bola – who currently sits on the RICS London Regional Board – threw his hat into the ring at the prospect of becoming Senior VP of RICS. An absolutely excellent line-up of candidates, ensured that Bola competed at the highest level, until the last round where he lost out to fellow BAME candidate, the incumbent Mr Clement Lau FRICS. Mr Lau was appointed to the position of Senior VP [in May 2019] and is the Director and Head of Development and Valuations for Commercial Property with HongKong Land Ltd, overseeing a $37billion portfolio. Mr Lau, resides in Hong Kong and remains a worthy recipient of the position of Senior VP, RICS. We look forward to working with him as the opportunity arises.

Current RICS President, Chris Brooke FRICS, said “Clement is highly regarded in his home market of Hong Kong and brings a depth of experience across a range of disciplines. Our professionals should feel confident that they have outstanding advocates in their next three Presidents.”

Spurred on by many within RICS, Bola then proceeded to enlist for the newly structured and heavily contested 15 Market Seats as part of the 'modernised' Governing Council 2019 elections, a process that concluded on 21 November 2019, with the formal announcement today [25/11/19].

Although a geographic opportunity for a UK & Ireland seat, Bola found himself up against another incredibly diverse roster of industry heavyweights. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Bola went head-to-head with his peers, amidst the sole focus of exhibiting to younger DCS members the GC election process whilst simultaneously raising the profile of DCS itself, through ‘deeds not words’ e.g. using the RICS Inspire Programme.

DiverseCity Surveyors are proud to affirm that on the back of a hugely successful AGM, and although Bola was unsuccessful in being elected to one of only two UK & Ireland seats, fellow DCS Member and ‘champion for change’, Uche Obi based in the Cayman Islands, was successfully elected to hold the Caribbean seat.

As for the heavily contested market seats in UK & Ireland, both Marion Ellis FRICS and Louise Archer FRICS have both been elected to serve on the new GC structure. The presence of such strong female candidates is a huge positive for an enhanced and more balanced / representative Council, seeking to embody what they will soon be tasked with overseeing themselves – a truly diverse, technologically adept, innovative and socially aware profession.

Founder & Chair, Bola Abisogun OBE, went on to say: “I congratulate all of the nominees for their effort and offer my sincere congratulations to all those appointed. Initially disappointed, I have chosen to put the needs of the surveying profession first and ahead of any personal sentiment. It is clear to me that RICS is in the transitional phase of its ongoing and noteworthy evolution into a truly diverse professional body and this is to be hugely commended. Like many, and against the backdrop of BREXIT, I’m excited by the potential of RICS working with and supporting DiverseCity Surveyors, to promote what this wonderful profession has to offer, using ‘local’ homegrown talent, at every tangible opportunity, across the globe………”

The full list of Governing Council (2019) appointments can be seen here.

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