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DCS invited to support 'call to action', by Young Surveyors in Africa.....!!

Always expect the unexpected _ Unknown

As with everything else associated with the need to address systemic and/or cultural change, particularly in a post-COVID world, it would be prudent to maintain an open mind, and, in the expectation of nothing being impossible, you should always expect the unexpected.

Little did we know that our recent achievements with RICS on race / ethnicity in the UK, had been quietly observed by so many Surveyors, in many locations across the world, none moreso than on the African continent. Inspired by a single common denominator of cultural heritage, DCS Founder and Chair, Bola Abisogun OBE was approached earlier this year by the Young Quantity Surveyors Forum 'YQSF', a subsidiary of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors. The informal approach was instigated and led by the current Chairman, Ayodele Faleye MNIQS PMP of Samprec Consultants, based in the federal capital [Abuja] of Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria.

NIQS / YQSF _ Inaugural Webinar

Right from the outset, it was clear to ‘QS Abisogun’ - as he was fondly addressed and referred to - during the Zoom Conference Call, held earlier today [30.08.20], that his offer of 'knowledge transfer and capacity building' was going to be a perfect fit with YQSF. Currently upwards of 10,000 members across the country, and with almost three hundred registered for the stimulating conversation, it was yet another historic achievement for the team at DCS. ‘QS Abisogun’ had this to say:

“.....The initial ask from Mr Faleye was one of mentorship, but I could see quite clearly that the biggest value proposition lay in the transfer of knowledge to the wider YQSF membership. I'm happy to engage with ‘QS Faleye’ and further ensure that his own career trajectory will be fully supported, but I just felt obliged as I do with all DCS Members in the UK, to craft an offer that would positively achieve personal growth for each individual member. In the UK, once our members achieve full RICS Membership, to a large degree our role at DCS is substantially complete. The most significant element of our offer thereafter is CPD and the ‘virtual safe-space’ that we have now created online.

However, the needs on the African continent are distinctly different, where above all, 'global' professional standards and insight are desired, not in place of their own, but simply as a further compliment to their extensive local knowledge. Additionally, the growing sums of foreign direct and ethical investments being made by both local and international investors, are demanding a commitment to established ‘global' standards. What better authority to work with YQSF / NIQS than ‘culturally competent’ RICS members?

Today marks the official beginning of a new 'collaborative and mutually beneficial' partnership and it was a pleasure to be giving back to my own country of origin and the next generation of talent who will be leading the necessary change across the built environment, in pursuit of a better, more sustainable, quality of life for the indigenous population. In my opinion and with specific reference to the construction process and real estate sector, its time for Africa to take her rightful place on the world stage of progressive economic development and digital transformation. Watch this space!!.....”

The inaugural conversation with DCS

Framed around the theme “Technology as an enabler”……….. the almost two (2) hour conversation progressed with a warm introduction by the moderator for the event, QS Adewale Adedotun MNIQS of Consol Associates, who managed with seamless accuracy, the forum discussion. ‘QS Abisogun’ then proceeded with a 45 minute pitch citing the well documented ‘problem statement’ the delivery of which was purposefully [and successfully] positioned to challenge conventional thinking. With a multi-faceted delivery and overwhelming reference to an array of disruptive elements, all potentially affecting the current and future role of the QS / Cost Manager, the forum quickly aligned itself to the scale of the challenge which although not entirely a new subject, was now being discussed with an international perspective.

Initial feedforward, following the discussion was one of immense gratitude for the ‘thought provoking insight’ and general assimilation of the ‘business case’ for systemic change. It was also widely acknowledged that Clients needed to be advised [and in many cases educated] on the benefits of many technological tools; that contribute greatly to providing a better, more dynamic professional service. All of this could be delivered in 'real time' and the technology to achieve just that is actually here, and evolving fast. As an enabler to manifest this reality across the African continent, it is imperative that the #nextgen talent pool position themselves now within the context of PQS2030. A copy of the presentation delivered by 'QS Abisogun' can be seen here.

To provide some context as to what was actually discussed, a series of polls were also commissioned; the results of which are stated below:

Poll 1

Poll 2

Poll 3

The inaugural event was also supported by several Nigerian dignitaries, including the previous Minister of State for Power and Steel and Past President of NIQS [2013 – 2015] Mallam Murtala M Aliyu FNIQS; who himself, is the current President of the Quantity Surveyors Registration Board of Nigeria ‘QSRBN’. Mr Aliyu’s very helpful comments and observations were made with specific reference to the growing awareness [though slow adoption] of the world renowned International Construction Measurement Standards ‘ICMS’, public policy, integration of professional standards and the growing success of the NIQS Academy. His virtual presence was hugely appreciated by all, including ‘QS Abisogun’.

So with the initial conversation successfully completed, with a glowing set of results noting the huge potential of this unique collaborative effort, it remained for the Chairman, ‘QS Faleye’ to request a ‘virtual’ group photo, of those participants, that remained, keen to the very end, see below.

At DCS we can only conclude that while the entire world continues to adjust to and wrestle with the new normal(s), duly presented by COVID/19, these are still very exciting times for the global Cost Management profession. DCS are proud to support the African continent on her journey of change and technological exploration; as applicable to her built environment and sustainable development goals..............more to follow.

Credit and courtesy to NIQS

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