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BSA2022: the 'Apollo Protocol' Human Capital Skills Hack

"The true cost of compliance has already been paid, by those who are no longer here to ensure that it

[i.e. Grenfell] never happens again"

_ Abisogun OBE

Today [12.03.23] is exactly 12months since my ‘industry facing’ post on the launch of the Gemini Papers [see link below] and now my team and I, of fellow #gamechangers are about to embark upon another chapter that talks up and quite literally evidence’s the power of ‘agile’ data combined with visualisation. If you work in the housing sector, and are a Chartered Surveyor [RICS], Chartered Construction Manager [CIOB], Professional Quantity Surveyor [CIQS] or Chartered Housing Professional [CIH], please take note!

University of Cambridge / Gemini Papers:

Dictated by the 'use-case', and according to current stats, the market for digital twins is about to literally explode in 2023. Every sector has the potential to embrace this evolving, data-driven, trojan horse in seeking to deliver [inter alia] better transparency of process, heightened accountability of stakeholder contribution and enhanced efficiencies via measurable productivity gains.

Launching the CDBB ‘Our Artefacts: Our Stories’ _ March 2022

I choose to continue my ‘disruptive’ exploration of the #builtenvironment, as that is what I know, have done and continue to specialise in, with a granular focus on existing, built assets. However, due to the ‘evolving’ value proposition presented by ‘cross-sector’ #digitaltwins, [link below] I would strongly encourage EVERY other sector to explore the hidden potential of this strategic business tool that continues to grow exponentially in ‘value creation’, enroute to achieving a circa $20billion valuation in 2023.

Cross-sector Digital Twins gain momentum [credit: BIM Plus]:

Since the launch of the amazing CDBB / Gemini Papers last year [link above], the closest and most relevant [and exciting!] activity that I have delivered on and participated in, has been the industry renowned #ApolloProtocol Human Capital Hack [with a focus no #DigitalSkills] which took place last month at the IET HQ in Central London, on 9th February.

Credit: Su Butcher / IET

In the Apollo Protocol tradition of building on existing tools, the event built upon one of the many successes achieved via the work and wide ambition of the National Digital Twin Programme.

Credit: Su Butcher / IET

Developed by the team at CDBB the event delved into the Skills and Competency Framework which was deployed by speaker Dr Graham to deconstruct relevant business and digital skills into a number of different areas. You can read more about this and the event, via the links below.

Credit: Su Butcher / IET

Announcement of Speakers:


Post Event Review by Su Butcher / the IET _ Feb 2023

Credit: Su Butcher / IET

Credit: Su Butcher / IET

Credit: Su Butcher / IET

Care of the aforementioned, kind invitation from industry leaders Rick Hartwig and Su Butcher and working with an ensemble of dynamic, industry leading partners, it is now time to for me to double down, on a client facing, mission critical focus over the next 6months.

Following a very successful and my inaugural Breakfast Meeting Event [held on 26.01.23, link above] the window for registering existing ‘in-scope’ higher risk residential buildings starts ‘officially’ in April 2023, just three weeks away. Futurebuild 2023, held last week at London's ExCEL, was a huge success for RICS [where I sat on a panel] and BIM Academy who delivered a panel discussion the following day [links / photos below]

The strategic role of data-driven solutions, some with visualisation as dictated by the use-case; and the competitive advantage that such tools can bring, will undoubtedly open up the demand for #digitaltwins across an array of sectors, including the built environment.

Like me, I hope you are prepared for [end excited by!] a seismic change in existing work practices - facilitated by a piece of generational reform [aka the #BuildingSafetyAct] which is about to come to life and impact the entire sector.

Like plenty of others, I've had some really dark days in my career and on a couple of occasions have confided in the PR extraordinaire, Liz Male who always seems to bring the sunshine into any room!

No catch up at a major event could go amiss without a handful of legends win the room. The ever wonderful and hugely talented May Winfield was a major part of why I decided to commit so hard for so long at CDBB. Her track record precedes he and her knowledge is extensive, suffice to say she is just an amazing person!

Safely returned to ExCEL, the following day to support the Newcastle based team from BIM Academy .........

..... who were in London en-masse to launch the new BIM Academy E-Book as a helpful, easy to navigate, resource to asset owners [and other interested parties] who are desirous of a plan of action towards assembling a Building Safety Case.....[and submitting a Safety Case Report].....

Credit: BIM Academy

With an unapologetic focus on client preparedness and advisory, BIM Academy, led by Graham Kelly (MD), have just launched an E-Book – so if you are an asset owner OR the designated Accountable Person, beginning your journey on regulatory compliance, do take a look and don’t hesitate to contact me or a member of my team Allan Binns / Melanie Robinson.

Support for Accountable Persons / Leaseholders / Interested Parties:


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