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DCS Chair celebrates Justin Sullivan, 16th Chair of CIC at RAC Club, London

Credit: Construction Industry Council

The setting was rich in detail and yet the atmosphere was soothing, I think it was wholly reflective of the man [and industry legend] being hosted on the night and celebrated on yet another [post-lockdown] busy Friday night, right here at the Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall in the heart of Central London.

Credit: RAC, Pall Mall

Of equal importance was the insight gained from the Chairman / Chairwoman of his successful firm Adair Associates, where Bernadette gave the hand-picked guest list of Senior industry figures, just a little more perspective of a man that I have come to know both as a friend and close industry ally.

Credit: DiverseCity Surveyors

That his efforts and contributions at senior level, across the industry have largely been missed / overlooked by many in the non-traditional ‘Surveying’ talent pool, I want to use this ‘helicopter view’ to present, principally to the DiverseCity Surveyors family, my mate and confidant Justin Sullivan FRICS FEWI. He is an amazing young man, with a big heart, a lovely family, an eye for detail [well he is a PQS!], and naturally we can talk for hours because we are both ‘petrol-heads’……….!!!

Credit: Adair, Justin Sullivan

With a swanky Mayfair office address, Justin has successfully built the sort of business that every independent PQS would love to own. It’s a profitable well respected brand led by a team that are hands on friendly, and of most importance, great at what they collectively and consistently deliver. Justin is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor with more than 30years of experience in the construction industry. Justin is Chair of the International Construction Measurement Standards Coalition [ICMS] and a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors [RICS]. He founded Adair in 1994 - the year that I graduated from Wolverhampton - and successfully divides his time between managing his tie between running the firm and client facing work. He specialises in construction disputes, so no surprise about our common interests in Construction Claims Management, and in my case the evolution of this specialist area, through artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and machine-learning (ML); the collective subject matter of my thesis in 1994.

Justin maintains the following Professional Memberships:

• A Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) • A Fellow of the Expert Witness Institute • An Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators • A Member of the Society of Construction Law

Credit: RAC, Pall Mall

Justin also acts as expert witness for construction claims, adjudications, arbitrations and civil proceedings, including those in the Technology and Construction Court within the High Court. He provides expert reports for construction disputes, in particular those relating to quantum, building defects, contracts, professional negligence, construction costs and fees.

Justin has acted as expert and single joint expert on many occasions. He is regularly appointed as a party representative in adjudication proceedings by referring or responding parties and is often instructed by solicitors to support adjudication proceedings for claimants or defendants.

Professional Registrations include:

• RICS Expert Witness Registration Scheme • UK Register of Expert Witnesses • Expert Witness Directory • Chartered Surveyors Company • Cardiff University Bond Solon Expert Witness

Credit: the 'Tricky Trio' _ DCS Chair with Justin and Graham Watts OBE

Earlier this year, Justin was elected as the 16th Chairman of the Construction Industry Council ‘CIC’, the influential ‘umbrella’ body led by its charismatic Chief Executive, Graham Watts OBE. The role of the CIC is unique in that it there to galvanise the collective aspirations of all the individual professional bodies that research, design, construct and maintain the built environment, across the UK. You can find out more about Graham and his team here.

Credit: the 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' _ DCS Chair with Amanda Clack PPRICS [L] and Victoria Hills [R]

The celebration event was also a chance to wind and ‘re-connect’ with some of the best minds across our wonderful industry. It was a great opportunity to network and ‘press the flesh’ with some of my greatest allies and industry colleagues; including the world renowned past President of RICS, Dr. Amanda Clack PPRICS and industry disruptor and planner, Victoria Hills, Chief Executive of RTPI. What a fabulous conversation, so watch this space………….!!!

Credit: DiverseCity Surveyors and Justin Sullivan

But when all is said and done, true friendship starts with simple conversations with friends and in Justin’s case, he always makes you feel welcome and human. He is a great man and a pillar of my profession, someone that I have always admired from afar and more recently began to co-curate for the wider and best interest of the Built Environment. I am not only confident that his ‘unique character’ – affirmed by Graham – will yield positive and sustainable results, but more importantly, any change will be inclusive and democratic.

So, on behalf of the entire DCS Family, many congratulations Justin, onwards and upwards always; Godspeed to you and your wonderful family.


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