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DCS Chairman leads BIM Academy #Thoughtleadership on Building Safety Act ......

"Don't talk to me about the 'cost of regulatory compliance' under the new Building Safety Act. FYI and in case you didn't know _ at least 72 people have already paid, with their lives!"

_ Abisogun OBE

Extra special THANK YOU to the ever wonderful and hugely talented Marie Grieve of Costello Palmer Communications for taking up my challenge and arranging this inaugural event and much needed conversation; well done Marie!!

Thank you to EVERYONE of our invited VIP guests, each one handpicked given their well documented interests in this growing conversation. What an amazingly balanced, yet at times provocative, but overwhelmingly informed conversation.

Thank you also to my amazing and 'disruptively' talented DTSA Programme delivery partners .. it's a London thing, and a game changer, all with a national focus, creating local, place-based, social value ... !!

Thank you to my amazing team from BIM Academy - all of whom showed unwavering commitment and support, travelling from Newcastle, with the exception of Paul!

Once again, full credit to the amazing 'Raj Gedhu' [Copyright] for his exemplary photography!


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