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DCS partner with UCEM on mentoring initiative, amidst New Rules of Conduct.

Credit: UCEM

Giving back is what we do at DiverseCity Surveyors, but every ounce of what we do is purposeful and strategic. Our social purpose has been maintained ever since we came into existence and everything to date (since our inception during October 2005) has been ‘pro-bono’ and self-funded by our Founder & Chairman Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS.

But today, it’s a new dawn and we are proud to announce that on account of the unrelenting effort of not one (1) but two (2) of our Board Members, Karen Ching MRICS and Nikki Bulteel MRICS, we have successfully launched the DiverseCity Surveyors / UCEM Mentoring Initiative; a dedicated programme of strategic, culturally competent support.

Credit: UCEM

Taking place during the evening on the 7th October 2021 the launch event was attended by a cross section of progressive students, alumni and UCEM staff. We are advised and can confirm that the historic event was recorded and the digital asset is publicly available on the UCEM VLE.

Credit: UCEM

We are also keen to advise this open opportunity will shortly be closing with the final date confirmed as Thursday 14th October 2021 – so please submit your applications in a timely manner.

Credit: LionHeart / RICS

In recognition of a poignant event that took place just yesterday [on 10.10.21] World Mental Health Day is just another reminder that despite our individual potential’ we must all recognise our limitations and weaknesses and seek information, advice and guidance in our own hour of need. The mental-health and well-being piece has never been more important for the practising Surveyor / real estate professional, irrespective of age, race, gender and/or sexual orientation. The pandemic has everyone and disrupted everything.

Credit: UCEM

In the absence of any ‘safe-space’ akin to that now established across the globe by DiverseCity Surveyors, our Founder was invited to attend the UCEM / DCS launch event and decided (upon request) to share an overview of his own journey, using the infamous May 1999 cover of Building Magazine, itself an image that captures a huge part of his own career trauma. Despite going on to inspire thousands of Surveyors across the world, rather regrettably, Bola’s story still holds true today. It his view that unless and until racism as a well-designed, thought provoking ‘social construct’, is successfully deconstructed and reassembled with equity at the core, then each and every member of society has a role to play and specifically every member of the global surveying profession.

Credit: UCEM

The mentoring programme has been populated and determined by the exceptionally well qualified staff of UCEM who have begun to create a name for themselves in the space of mentoring.

Credit: UCEM

Although designed to challenge both the mentor and the mentee, the programme is really geared towards four (4) key areas [as shown above]. Commitment will be required from both parties in any relationship that is designed to ensure that reciprocity of effort is maintained at all times.

Credit: UCEM

The legacy of our effort to engage with subject matter experts drawn from across the Black Asian and Minority Ethnic community has provided us with an opportunity to ensure that we have the best possible industry connections and candidates offering complete access to a variety of progressive and sustainable careers.

Credit: RICS

One critical area that will feature in this new initiative is the response by all members of the profession regarding the Code of Conduct. Earlier today [11.10.21], the RICS published its new Rules of Conduct. Members of the DCS network may recall that our Founder and Chairman, Bola Abisogun OBE was invited last year by the RICS (November 2020), to discuss their plans for a new set of rules; you can access the recording via the link here.

And, following extensive collaboration and consultation with members, end users and the general public, RICS has now updated the Rules of Conduct to ensure they can continue to deliver confidence to the markets that we all operate in as Chartered Surveyors, across the world. The new simpler structure includes five key changes:

1. A simpler structure: we are making the Rules of Conduct clearer for RICS members and firms, providing greater confidence for clients and the public by consolidating the Rules of Conduct for Members, Rules of Conduct for Firms and Global Professional and Ethical Standards into one document.

2. Clear examples: each rule will be illustrated by examples to help members understand how the Rules are applied.

3. Sustainability: we have embedded sustainability within the Rules, providing assurance to clients that our members will help them make decisions that recognise the challenges of climate change.

4. Evolving use of technology: the new rules remind members and firms of the importance of understanding of evolving technology and the ethical risks this brings.

5. A focus on respect, diversity and inclusion: respect and courtesy will continue to underpin our professional ethics, ensuring we are all contributing towards an inclusive global profession where everyone can thrive.

Additionally, and effective from today [11.10.21], all members will have access to free CPD that explains the new Rules and outlines the key changes from the old Rules and Global Ethical Principles.

We are advised [as has EVERY member via email] that the ‘new rules’ will come into effect on 02 February 2022. Over the next four months, RICS will be sharing updates and articles on a dedicated webpage to ensure EVERY member of the profession and all regulated firms are equipped to implement the new Rules once they come into effect.

This will include case studies showing how the Rules apply to common ethical dilemmas in practice.

Credit: UCEM

On behalf of RICS, the team at DiverseCity Surveyors want to thank and recognise the wider public support during the consultation and that of EVERY individual contribution [and challenge] from members themselves. In seeking to ensure that everyone [including members] across the global footprint of RICS activity, can continue to have confidence in the professionalism of RICS members, the services that we offer and are yet to offer, in light the ongoing digital transformation; we affirm that we have never been more determined to raise the bar of excellence and will continue to do so as long as we are seen as relevant, purposeful and empathetic to difference.


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