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DTSA to join Industry Working Group at Digital Twin Hub!

Elected to join the prestigious and high profile DT Advisory Group, supporting the Strategic Board, we held our very first in person meeting back in November 2022, and now some six months later, this year we hold an industry inaugural event. The hashtag #CDTSummit was deployed for a ‘not-to-be-missed’ affair and concluded with an array of next steps, that for DCS Founder & Chair, Bola Abisogun OBE meant that it was, literally, #TimeToStopPlayingSmall in this fast moving, sector-wide, multi-billion dollar, industry opportunity, which continues to evolve; we refer to the growing market for digital twins.

Hosted at the Connected Places Catapult 'CPC', London HQ, over in Sekforde Street EC1, the event was packed with over 900 attendees. Click the banner below to better understand what takes place at the CPC.

The sector is however, at least from a built environment [people-centric] perspective, still lacking in diversity, though with gender being actively supported, all other protected characteristics are still largely overlooked. Disability still needs to be addressed and suitably considered, along with ethnicity. The other elephant in the room, though present on the day was the handful of Black / Asian professionals that had either been kindly invited [huge thank you to my dear friend and industry ally, Catherine Condie of the DT Hub Team!] or been advised to attend.

Notwithstanding, it was great to be present and even the notable absence of the ‘younger, 16-25yr cohort’, could not stem the excitement, triggered through conversations and meaningful interactions, with both new and old contacts, care of the schedule of planned activity.

Starting with the Ministerial Address by Rt Hon Jesse Norman MP, they say a picture speaks a thousand words, so here goes with circa forty (40) objects, in total, designed to give you a flavour of what you may well have missed in 2023 ……… and (God willing) what you can look forward to with an even bigger and better 2024.

Credit: BIM Academy

Credit: TwinnedIt

And now for some 'early & immediate' post-event industry collaboration, which took place with the #CDTSummit2023 Headline Sponsor, DNV ....... thank you, Graham, William and the team!


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