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#PQS2030 _ Project Finance & Digital Twins - (the Client's view)

"To whom much is given, much is expected" _ Abisogun OBE

Much has been laid at the feet of the team at the Centre for Digital Built Britain aka CDBB, and equally as much has been said about the lack of evidence to support any 'business case' for a Digital Twin, or even connected twins. That is both true and ok, but the team at the CDBB, keep on delivering, aiming to demystify the known unknowns in order to invoke a different way of living and co-existence in this socio-technical evolution. The National Digital Twin programme (after all is said and done) is a journey, not a sprint.

Released today [27.04.22] produced and supported by industry leaders Alexandra Bolton, Peter El Hajj and corporate giant representative Mark Coates from Bentley Systems, the evidence really does speak for itself. However, such evidence is yet to be properly understood by the average UK citizen. That said, every citizen on the planet [as is the case for every Client] must take their time to engage and be patient with both their interpretation of the relevance and application, of any viable digital twin solution. Make no mistake, as a society connected by our individual and collective use of data, currently in the midst of a paradigm-shift, the 'Client-facing' journey - and evidence based, value-creation - has only just begun.

Credit: RICS | WBEF

The technical expertise maintained by close colleagues at RICS, including Prof Anil Sawhney FRICS, Alan Muse FRICS and 'thought-leadership' administered by lead Tim Smith and led by Richard Collins continues to over-deliver on market dissemination and wider client facing engagement. Notwithstanding, it is still early days for the various professional member bodies, that sit underneath 'the umbrella' of the Construction Industry Council, under the leadership of Graham Watts OBE.

But simply put, we all have to unlearn, upskill and raise our game to better serve our Clients, so that we can continue to collaborate, innovate and deliver better outcomes for society. Time is not on our side and we have to keep up with the exponential pace of technological advancement, and pretty much, 'this change' is being driven by a machine that was designed and built by us.

In truth, senior leaders have little choice but to take their time to fully understand the breadth and depth of potential 'value creation' that could be gained; value that is literally, at their disposal. Ideally, any opportunity to get 'ahead of the curve' must be leveraged in full.

Credit: 'The CDBB - Dream Team' co-authors of the Digital Twin Toolkit part of the DT Hub / CPC

Once the purpose of any digital twin has been established, a timely decision must then be made as to whether the corporate / business driver(s) exist.

Aligned to this outcome, is to correctly determine whether they [i.e. the corporate / business drivers] simply correspond to serve investor value [typically the crude ROI equation] or better serve as 'use-case' that speaks to the deployment and benefit of 'patient capital' appreciation, with wider ESG deliverables.

Fundamentally, the time to invest in your 'ESG inspired' digital twin solution(s), is now; take a look [here] and be inspired.


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