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RICS Diversity & Inclusion Conference, 29 June 2017

After an introduction to the RICS D&I Conference in June 2016, further attendance in 2017 [held yesterday] was absolutely essential. Along with passionate, personal testimonies from Kimberly Hepburn, Junior QS at Transport for London and Justin Carty, Senior Director CBRE, the breadth of knowledge and informed discussion with other attendees, was truly thought provoking. The RICS Equalities Team led by Lucile Kamar along with Amanda Clack, Matthew Howell and Mark Walley, should all be truly commended for their demonstrable attempt to address the myriad issues that exist within the surveying profession and in three years, significant progress has been made. The over-arching conclusion is that

DiverseCity Surveyors 'Meet & Greet' with MCSN

On 27 June 2017, members of the MCSN met with DiverseCity Surveyors founder, Bola Abisogun FRICS, for an evening of great food and inspired conversation. Although several MCSN members could not attend, including MCN founder, Justin Carty, Senior Director, CBRE - who has recently become a Father [again!] - the evening was a resounding success. Well done to all for attending and a special thank you to Alexander Smith for making it happen. Stay in touch for notice of future events as the DiverseCity Surveyors network begins to mobilise and prepare for the official launch event, in London, during Black History Month [October 2017].

Bola Abisogun FRICS, elected to serve on RICS London Regional Board

At a meeting held at the Central London offices of London Regional Board (LRB) Chair, Chris Day, the newly presented LRB membership had a warm and informed discussion on 21 June 2017. Although [as always] there appears to be plenty to do, the over-arching theme of the discussion revolved around the demonstrable aspiration of the RICS as to how they continue to engage with 'future talent' at grass roots level. To this end, Bola will continue to work closely with Matthew Howell, Lynn Robinson, Lucile Kamar and Barry Cullen at RICS HQ in London For access to the official statement, please click here

DiverseCity Surveyors - form LinkedIn Group!

Care of the LinkedIn Group Administrator, Alexander Smith, DiverseCity Surveyors [DCS] now have an established presence on the ever important LinkedIn platform. The principal aims of the DCS group are still being developed but in summary are: · To connect people from a variety of cultures who work within the real estate and built environment sectors; · To enhance the career prospects of the networks members. This can be via generating fee based instructions, offering a greater awareness of recruitment opportunities, peer to peer mentoring, access to sector specific knowledge, etc. · To be a portal in which members can share their own knowledge and expertise in a relaxed but totally professio

Logo Design Competition - closes 4th July 2017

Further to a successful start to our marketing campaign and working with the RICS to promote our existence, the London Branch of DiverseCity Surveyors have decided to launch a competition seeking designs for the logo of this innovative network. With a global approach to our working strategy, it is envisaged that the successful design solution will encapsulate the ‘spirit and ethos’ of the diverse society and built environment that we reside within, which maintains an intrinsic relationship with the entire skillset(s) of Chartered Surveyors themselves. At the time of writing, there are three (3) weeks left and the deadline for submissions is confirmed as 4th July 2017. The successful designer

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