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DCS enjoy 60 'amazing' minutes with Lord Bichard!!

"Make no mistake, this man is the REAL DEAL....

I'm so easily pleased, I've fallen back in love with my profession"

Abisogun OBE

What a humble blessing; twice on the same day with a man, who publicly permitted me to call him Micheal (Lord Michael Bichard 'LMB'; to all of you!). Today [14.02.22] I’ve had in excess of 120minutes of positively intriguing conversation with the individual who has been commissioned by RICS to complete a review into RICS and the 'global' surveying profession, with a focus on our

#Strategy and importantly, our

And rest assured LMB is not a man of 'warm words'. He's a doer and a pragmatist, in fact he's also a charming young man of humble beginnings and knows what it means to be the underdog, with no allies.

So for over two hours in two separate conversations, the first with my fellow RICS London & South East Board Members and the second with a cohort of DCS members along with most of my Board.

Many across the profession know that almost 6months ago - on that fateful day - the 9th September 2021, when the contents of the #LevittReview was disclosed, I penned a short note disclosing my feelings. It was a raw and spontaneous piece that drew the attention of my peers and some 26,000 member(s) views, comments and observations. Many of the ensuing direct messages were mostly offering words of comfort; which I still appreciate to this day.

Credit: RICS

That piece spoke of many things including my intense feeling of isolation and betrayal. In fact, some would say - that after all my effort and pro-bono support to my own beloved profession throughout my own thirty (30) years of membership - my loyalty had pretty much been thrown under the bus; but hey - it happened, as God intended, and today we are still here and [in the famous words of Sir Elton John]; I'm still standing.

And, believe it or not, after 30years, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word Member(s) used so often to describe genuine intent. In fact it’s time indeed for my mate Michael to tell it as it is and for all at RICS (including Governing Council) to step up and step in or sit down and rollover.............. just saying.

Credit: RICS

Yes, as a Fellow of RICS, I do feel different because as a profession our circumstances are different, and as a profession - even after just half a year - we are in a completely different place. Much of that positive change is down to my fellow subscribers refusing to rollover and accept defeat in the face of triumphant behaviours.

Something has happened over at RICS and I won’t dwell or begin to assume; but whatever is happening - many are still leaving GGS and others are somewhat fearful of their positions. I suppose that is called evolution and I sincerely hope that there is balance akin to what I have had the privilege of hearing today [14.02.22] from my mate Michael.

Credit: RICS The fact is, I have been privy to the urgent and amazing mind of a politically enabled, socio-economic, inclusive perspective that has been predicated in fairness and equality for well over five (5) decades. This mind belongs to Lord Michael Bichard; and props to him for being a doer and NOT a dreamer.

Credit: RICS

Members matter, and so do 'key' RICS support staff like Colin Terry............ always with a smile [and now with pancakes too!].

"Explaining 'our purpose' at DCS and 'our why' to Lord Bichard was pivotal to his wider understanding about how we feel and have felt, as members of a non-traditional talent-pool; one that [even in 2022] still represents less than 3% of 'qualified'global memebrship.

A lack of datasets persists across all strands of diversity, but RICS can [and must] do better to support us as a growing contingent across UK and international markets"

Abisogun OBE

Despite a lack of structured support towards us, [literally since 2005] my team at DCS, have tried to maintain a positive working relationship with RICS, which despite the turbulence and at times contention, has grown.

We've come a long way which was reflected in the hospitality received from RICS at our celebratory event in November 2019, held at RICS HQ in Parliament Square.

More wisdom from LMB .......... he is a fountain of knowledge and empathy.

We had some real nuggets of information and industry perspective, starting with that from a fellow Board Member, Nikki Bulteel MRICS

Swiftly followed by #FutureLeader, Ayo Ajayi MRICS; Director at Colliers International [also Chairman of the Land Collective] - who had so much to say, stemming from his time and lived experience leading RICS Matrics.

It was evident from our recently qualified Chartered Surveyor Olajide Alade MRICS and aspiring practitioner, Stephanie Wigwe-Chizindu comments that their respective journeys into surveying were not by design. Stephanie's move into the surveying profession was clearly no accident, coming originally from a legal background with a clear passion in economic development and social infrastructure; with a focus on the emerging markets, specifically Africa.

The conversation literally exploded when DiverseCity Surveyors' very own Vice-Chair and CBRE Senior Director _ the legend in Justin Carty MRICS [FRICS in view!] - made in roads offering the 'Big Firm's' perspective .......... thank you JC!

With that said, it was literally a 'clean sweep' of and by remaining DCS Board Members, Arnold Musisi MRICS and Karen Ching MRICS, both of whom brought detailed perspective and contextual depth to the conversation whilst allowing Lord Bichard to respond in kind with complimentary, but in many ways, present a healthy challenge to conventional thinking.

The ever intriguing and inspirational presence of IJ Samuel; Director at Turner & Townsend, resonated with many as did her profound and comprehensive comments delivered at both a macro and micro level; where clear evidence was presented to suggest that RICS business model(s), along with their Royal Charter and Bye-Laws should all be included within the context of any review of RICS' purpose.

All that remains for me to say is that He (my mate Michael) is the #RealDeal and (like my fellow pannellists) I very much look forward to reading, supporting and implementing the words and wisdom of Lord Bichard in the coming months and years ahead.

To the writers across the world who understand the power of their pen ✍🏾; onwards and upwards….. 🚀🚀🚀🚀


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