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DCS Members lead panel at RICS GCI 2021

For many years I have been frustrated with the role of the PQS / QS / Cost Manager and our influence upon our client facing project outcomes. Since 1994 [when I completed my first degree] I've always seen #technology as a good thing; which led to my challenge to the profession, instigated last year on 15.11.20

That it took a post-pandemic environ in 2021, to convert my 1994 vision into a reality, where entire project #designteams and #contractor led #supplychains [including #productmanufacturers] are now feverishly scouring the globe for #digitally enabled, #data driven solutions, is telling. How long have we been resisting this inevitable transition and what were the drivers of our reluctance to change? Notwithstanding, and putting the tech to one side for a minute, the biggest challenge [that we see] is our well documented 'cultural' fear [of the unknown, and of failure]. But, our clients deserve better and we need to embrace this new paradigm shift, citing the #opportunity #cost for failing to change.

"As QS's and Cost Managers we have been here before [#Egan and #Latham are poignant references], but we've never had to consider our 'role, relevance and purpose' under such compelling circumstances, and never with such profound implications for current business and operating models. Failure is and always will be a necessary component of success; but change we must and we must do so now." _ Abisogun OBE

So, along with fellow DCS members and other industry experts Ayo Ajayi MRICS [Colliers], Allan TK Lwanga MRICS [CBRE] and Ian Turner [Autodesk] our Founder and Chairman, Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS will be moderating a panel discussion at the RICS Global Infrastructure Conference 2021 _ on Tuesday 15th June between 11:20 BST to 12:10 BST

Come along and be inspired; #itstime to #disrupt ourselves, enroute to a #digitaltwin future with better client facing and social outcomes achieved via #digitalassetmanagement #BIM #bigdata #datascience and increasingly important #ESG and #netzero2050 goals.


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