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New Rules of Conduct and Member Opportunities

We are already ONE MONTH into the New Year and opportunities in 2022 are beginning to present themselves for both current and aspiring members of RICS.

We start with a strong affirmation by Interim CEO, Richard Collins

Credit: RICS

Richard's call to arms speaks to the need [by ALL members] to reset, rebalance and re-ignite our institution, so at DCS we thought we would support and highlight this pivotal moment – for all to see - so that future actions can be monitored, measured and celebrated at the appropriate time. Thank you Richard for your unfailing support and leadership during our historic milestone achieved back in August 2020; with the current SMT at that time.

A first for RICS they have curated a new Whistleblowing Policy, which has been designed to give staff [and members] the opportunity to speak freely, in confidence and without undue pressure. The profession’s new champion for this initiative is none other than industry leader and RICS Governing Council Member; Louise Archer FRICS. You can read more about this new policy here

Credit: RICS

Next, we have an interesting and collaborative opportunity for EVERYONE to contribute to the criteria used to determine the entry and assessment of potential members. Within the context of ever changing and evolving professional roles and routes into the profession, the over-arching theme of cultural change and the ever increasing digital transformation agenda will require new business models to deliver our ‘regulated’ professional services. It will be equally, if not more interesting to see how the entry process can and will be adapted to suit emerging market, client facing and industry needs. This ambition will be coupled with a renewed resiliency designed to place members at the cutting edge of innovation and systems thinking to deliver better project and transactional outcomes for clients and the wider general public. Our anchor in this domain is Karen Rogers and following a discussion at with our Chair, Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS at the recent leaving gathering of Barry Cullen – we remain excited by the potential for DiverseCity Surveyors to work closely with RICS and the rest of the Early Engagement team.

Credit: RICS

Back in November 2020; our Chair and Founder, Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS, was invited to participate in the early consultation for ‘new’ Rules of Conduct [which can be via a webinar that took place with RICS seen here]. For those unaware; the New Rules of Conduct come into effect this week in less than 48 hours; on 02.02.22

Credit: RICS

An invitation last year [February 2021] was extended to our Chairman to deliver a CPD session, on Ethics by way of a seminar with the East African ISU, Uganda,

Credit: ISU

The entire experience was a great milestone for DCS to test our contribution towards the international appetite for CPD support / updates, across the continent of Africa, the contents of which can also be observed in full here.

That effort was followed by a similar invitation to Bola, to convene a session conducted with the West African membership body, Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors 'NIQS' held on the 1st July 2021 at their 13th Annual Distinguished Lecture Series 'DLS'. The contents of that poignant event, can also be further observed here.

Credit: NIQS

And formal letter of appreciation from the NIQS / SMT _

NIQS _ Appreciation Letter MR ABISOGUN OBE _ 08.07.21
Download PDF • 130KB

Such profound industry insights from our Chairman are intrinsically related to current RICS efforts with reference to professional standards and conduct and conveniently present a useful orientation into a current and pressing requirement recently published by (SRB Chair) Dame Janet Paraskeva. Gleaned from their website; "We are seeking two independent Board members and two RICS professional members. Please note that any member of the Standards and Regulation Board (SRB) is ineligible to sit on other RICS Boards and Committees and upon appointment to the Standards and Regulation Board, candidates must resign any other such roles at RICS".

Could it be you? If so, please mobilise your application as the Closing date for applications is 17:00 (BST) on Friday 18 February 2022

Credit: RICS

Moving swiftly towards the penultimate and most recent opportunity; where a number of Strategy Seats have arisen in an attempt to support the future direction of the profession.

Call for Strategy seats Nominations:

Governing Council is the governing body of RICS. RICS now seeks 6 professional members or associates from across the world to fill Strategy Seats in the fields of:

  • Research and Development. This specialist field covers research and analysis of data and trends in the valuation, transactions, financing and costings of land, buildings and construction, and includes the use of this analysis for the advancement and sustainability of the built environment.

  • Academia and Education. This specialist field covers training and development of future professionals in land, property and construction, including preparing and educating future chartered surveyors.

  • Land. This specialist field covers professional activities related to the management and development of land and natural resources.

  • Capital Markets and Valuation. This specialist field covers valuation, appraisal and / or asset management of land or real estate as an investment asset.

  • Urbanisation and Planning. This specialist field covers land use and the strategic planning of the urban / rural built environment.

  • Residential. This specialist field covers the management and transaction of housing for occupational purposes, in the context of market based residential property or social housing.

The Strategy Seat holder will have recognised expertise and credibility as a leader in their field.

As confirmed by Nick Maclean, the Interim Chair of Governing Council, there is real need for great people [Members] of the profession to put themselves forward to help steer the ship. The time ‘to step up’ is now and the deadline for submissions opened on 17 January and close on 21 February

Credit: RICS

And finally, if you truly love surveying AND your professional body AND feel proud to be the LEAD AMBASSADOR, providing seasoned advice as a way of life, and getting paid to do what you love; then why not consider running for the role of Senior Vice President of RICS?

This is an exciting opportunity to become part of RICS’ global ambassadorial team working closely alongside fellow leaders of the profession and the Chief Executive. You would help shape and promote our profession’s positive social impact as we address key built and natural environment issues. As RICS evolves to enhance professionalism, champion the profession’s contribution and support its resilience through a period of great change, the Senior Vice President will be an important ambassador within the Presidential team, inspiring the profession and future generations on our public interest purpose.

Applications are now being considered by RICS and its high-time candidates from the non-traditional talent pool [i.e. Black, and Minority Ethnic backgrounds] submitted an application and attempted to progress through the rigorous multi-tiered process, enroute to the final stage of becoming Senior Vice President [lead Ambassador] ………. you can read more about the role and submit an application - here

Credit: RICS

So, why not get involved and help DiverseCity Surveyors to support our friends and allies at RICS during this critically important time, as we rebuild 'the Brand' that is known as RICS. Let’s make those letters count ……. #InServiceAlways


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